2017 TCL Coaches Preview

The Texas Collegiate League is known for the incredible talent on the field. That is no different when it comes to the coaches that are at the helm of this year’s teams. Two of the TCL organizations have added new coaches, and the Twins announced the first coach in team history. Here is what you need to know about all five head coaches before opening day.


Acadiana Cane Cutters

The Acadiana Cane Cutters bolstered their coaching staff this offseason by adding Luke Montz as their newest head coach. Montz provides a great deal of big league experience from his time with multiple major league organizations.  Luke Montz was drafted in 2003 by the Montreal Expos and made his major league debut in 2008 for the Washington Nationals. Montz also played for the New York Mets, Florida Marlins, Oakland A’s, and the Boston Red Sox organizations totaling 12 years of pro ball experience. The Cane Cutters hope that having this type of baseball experience at the helm will give them a winning edge.


Brazos Valley Bombers

The Bombers welcomed back former player and organization hit leader Trey Porras as their new coach. Porras was the hit leader for the Bombers when he played in the 2011 season. Porras has spent the past three seasons as an assistant coach for the Texas A&M Corpus Christi. He has also coached the Hoptown Hoppers of the Ohio Valley Summer League where he led the hoppers to the championship round beating the Owensboro Oilers to win the league championship finishing with a 34-10 record. Porras is no stranger to the winning tradition the Bombers have established and looks forward to enjoying the community support from the coaching side of the game.


Texas Marshals

Mike Maack is back at the helm for the Marshalls. Maack was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 1979 and pitched in the Minnesota Twins organization from 1982-1985. Maack has 35 years of coaching experience at the D1 level, high school level, and as a private instructor. Maack is well known for his first base pickoff move. He has even invented drills to help young pitchers perfect the 1st and 3rd base pickoff move. Maack also has years of experience recruiting talented players, being a recruiter for various Division 1 baseball programs. Coach Mike Maack has talent at all levels required to be an excellent coach.


Texarkana Twins

The Twins named Jake Mitzner as the first manager in team history. Mitzner began his coaching career as a student manager for the Murray State Aggies who won the 2013 NJCAA National Championship. Mitzner led the Santa Fe Fuego to the Pecos League Championship in 2015 where his team won the championship game. It is evident that Mitzner  is aware of the challenges of coaching a new franchise and looks forward to making an immediate impact in his first year "I'm excited about the opportunity to coach a brand new team and help create a brand not only on the field but in the community as well,"said Mitzner. "We are going to be winners on the field and in the community. We will play hard for the team and hard for the city. I can't wait to start coaching there this summer and can't wait bring a championship to the City of Texarkana."


Victoria Generals

Michael Oros is returning for his third season at the helm of the Victoria Generals. Oros was a member of the Victoria Generals from 2009 through 2011. In his first summer for the Generals Oros pitched 30 innings with a 1.53 ERA only allowing 5 runs and striking out 26 batters. In his second season, Oros moved into a starting pitcher role leading the team in strikeouts with 49. He transferred to Sam Houston State his junior role where he was a shut down relief pitcher.

Michael joined the Pecos League where he played for the White Sands Pupfish and the Florence Freedom of the Frontier League.

Coach Oros understands the winning tradition with the Generals and strives to bring those traditions back "The fans of Generals baseball have always been awesome and I look forward to working with Kenny to bring the Generals another Championship."


With new coaches looking to make an immediate impact, and experienced ones looking to lead their team to a league title, there will be no shortage of storylines to follow this season.Now that you know more about the coaches, all that's left to do is sit back fire up the grill and enjoy premium summer league baseball!


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